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Monthly Archives: January 2020

BSCG Certifies Elixicure BSCG Certified CBD and Its Manufacturer, Honest Globe, BSCG Certified GMP

January 31, 2020

Elixicure is first product to be BSCG Certified CBD and have its manufacturer be BSCG Certified GMP

BSCG is pleased to announce certification of Elixicure, a CBD-infused topical cream. In a first for BSCG, the product has been BSCG Certified CBD™ while its manufacturer, Honest Globe, has been BSCG Certified GMP™. The BSCG Certified GMP™ program includes on-site audits of a company’s manufacturing or holding facilities to evaluate compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices. BSCG Certified CBD™ is a one-of-a-kind program offering banned substance protection to athletes along with label verification and contaminant testing to ensure the quality of the finished product.

Elixicure is plant-based topical cream that aims to provide pain relief. It contains naturally derived organic ingredients and is vegan, non-GMO, Paraben Free, and hand crafted in the United States. To learn more about Elixicure or to shop for it, visit Elixicure.com.


January 13, 2020

Pure Sport CBD Was Brought to Market by Professional Athletes

BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group), a leading international third-party certification and testing provider, welcomes Pure Sport CBD, a product developed and marketed by professional athletes, to its BSCG Certified CBD™ program.

“We are delighted to welcome Pure Sport CBD to our BSCG Certified CBD™ program,” said Oliver Catlin, BSCG President. “Our rigorous laboratory testing has shown Pure Sport CBD to have met or exceeded the Olympic and professional standards we’ve put into place to help athletes and consumers navigate the CBD market, and, as a result, we have officially certified this CBD product.”

The BSCG Certified CBD™ program is rigorous and comprehensive. “Our program aims to address a range of consumer concerns relating to hemp and CBD products,” Catlin said, “including whether athletes or other consumers could test positive in a drug test for using a given product, whether the product tests below a 0.3% THC limit and meet claims for CBD content, and whether banned substances in sport or other drugs or synthetic cannabinoids may be present. We also examine whether a product has been manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and is free of contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents.”

Grayson Hart, a former professional Scottish rugby player and one of the two co-founders of Pure Sport CBD, said, “We’re big believers in third-party testing and are proud our Pure Sport CBD has received this important seal of quality from BSCG. The Catlin name has long been gold in the sports anti-doping community.”

He added, “We developed this product precisely because we found many CBD brands contained small traces of THC, which is still a banned substance in sport. We wanted a CBD product that had no THC–and a way to prove it. We’re grateful to be able to deliver a safe product of the highest quality for our athlete consumers that they will be able to use with peace of mind.”

Pure Sport CBD was set up when two friends and teammates, both working as professional rugby players discovered the benefits of CBD oil. The players found that not all brands were transparent about what was in their CBD products, so they made it their mission to find the safest, highest quality CBD that both professional athletes like themselves and consumers could feel comfortable using.

BSCG was founded in 2004 by world-renowned Olympic drug-testing pioneer Don Catlin, MD, and his son, executive Oliver Catlin, to offer reputable manufacturers, brands, and distributors a third-party program to distinguish their products as free of banned substance concerns and to provide consumers and competitors assurance that what they’re consuming will not endanger their health or lead to a doping violation. Today BSCG’s certification program options include BSCG Certified Drug Free®, BSCG Certified Quality™ and BSCG Certified GMP™, as well as BSCG Certified CBD™. BSCG also works directly with athletes, in its Athlete Assurance program, to test products they are interested in but are unsure of.

All certified batches of Pure Sport CBD can be found in BSCG’s online database.

For more information about Pure Sport CBD, visit its website at https://puresportcbd.co.uk/ or email the UK-based company at contact@puresportcbd.co.uk. Look for Pure Sport CBD on Instagram and Twitter.

For more about BSCG and its certification and testing programs, call 1-800-920-6605, e-mail info@bscg.org, or visit its website at www.bscg.org and download its free brochure. Join Banned Substances Control Group on Facebook, @BSCGCertified on Twitter, and BSCGCertified on Instagram.


January 9, 2020


BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group), a leading international third-party certification and testing provider for dietary supplements and related products, has recently been qualified as an official service provider in Japan by SNDJ (Sports Nutrition and Dietitians Japan). In the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games and beyond, BSCG Certified Drug Free® products that are labeled for sale in Japan will be included in the official SNDJ list of products that have been reviewed for quality control and banned substances for the protection of Japanese athletes.

This past spring, the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA) Expert Committee on Verification of Supplemental Certification Framework issued “guidelines on the framework for product information disclosure of supplements in sports.” The task of considering the guidelines and establishing an official list of tested products in Japan was given to SNDJ. After careful review, SNDJ determined that BSCG was one of only two companies that met the rigorous guidelines that had been established and officially recognized the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program. As a result, BSCG will be able to assist Japan’s sports nutrition industry to meet the demands of Japanese athletes ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics, and beyond.

“With the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics on the horizon, we are humbled and honored to be designated as an official third-party dietary supplement certification provider in Japan,” said Catlin. “We appreciate the efforts of SNDJ and its team of experts to evaluate our industry and provide resources to help ensure the safety, quality and transparency of sports nutrition products.”

SNDJ was created as a vehicle for interacting with the sports nutrition and supplement industry and disseminating information to sportspeople and concerned consumers. Dr. Shihoko Suzuki is the founder of SNDJ and one of the most influential sport nutritionists in Japan. She serves as Vice President of the Japan Dietetic Association (JDA) and the founder of the Japan Sports Nutrition Association (JSNA), the certifying organization of Licensed Sports Nutritionists.

With Olympic drug testing a cornerstone of its foundation, BSCG applies the same standard of testing to certifying supplement products to help protect Olympic and professional athletes and ensure clean competition at the highest levels. In the run-up to Tokyo 2020, look for an increasing number of Japanese dietary supplements and sports nutrition products to be added to the BSCG Certified Drug Free Database. Products are also listed on the SNDJ official BSCG list, with promotional opportunities on the SNDJ site available for certified brands.

BSCG’s gold standard certification program includes key elements that benefit athletes and consumers. These include Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance and a review of label verification and contaminant testing. Testing for World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited Substances is done on individual lots of products that are identified on product packages. Athletes are advised to only use lots that have been certified and should verify the lot numbers in certification program databases prior to use.

In addition to SNDJ, BSCG is thankful for acknowledgment of the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program from the USOC, NIH-ODS, UFC, OPSS, Drug Free Sport International, LPGA, CrossFit, SNDJ, Canadian Sports Institute, USA Triathlon, Anti-Doping Authority Netherlands, High Performance Sport New Zealand, and others.

For more about BSCG and its certification and testing programs, visit its website at www.bscg.org. Contact BSCG at 1-800-920-6605 or info@bscg.org. Follow BSCG on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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