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BSCG July 2020 Newsletter

July 13, 2020

BSCG July 2020 Newsletter

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Beyond the Checklist:
BSCG Certified GMP Program Offers Unique Approach

The BSCG Certified GMP program offers a unique approach to Good Manufacturing Practices compliance that goes
beyond the usual checklist. We don’t just scrutinize the standard elements of GMP but the nitty-gritty details as we take a deep dive into the most common violations seen in FDA compliance over the last decade. We deliver to
manufacturers and downstream clients distinct advantages not available elsewhere in the industry. And, with a twoyear audit cycle, our GMP audit solution is perhaps the most affordable third-party GMP program available.
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At BSCG we offer several added benefits—like allowing downstream clients to license the BSCG Certified GMP seal for use on packages and marketing materials as long as your facility remains certified. We also extend a 20% discount on the initial cost per program for clients that want to join our other highly regarded programs, such as BSCG Certified Drug Free, BSCG Certified CBD, or BSCG Certified Quality.
For more information about the distinctive BSCG Certified GMP program, contact your BSCG representative, call 1-800-920-6605 or email info@bscg.org, or check out the BSCG website

Our People in the Spotlight:
Meet Tim Stewart, PhD., BSCG’s GMP Manager
Tim Stewart, PhD, serves as our Compliance Review Officer supporting the BSCG Certified GMP program with onsite audits and conducting initial quality control process reviews and label and claims evaluations for new products in the BSCG Certified Drug Free, BSCG Certified CBD and BSCG Certified Quality programs.
A longtime consultant with more than 15 years of experience in the food, dietary supplement, over-the-counter drug, and cosmetic industries, he specializes in cGMP compliance by facility auditing, employee training, and developing
appropriate specifications and test methods. Dr. Tim brings a deep level of experience in cGMP compliance to the BSCG team.
Tim previously worked as the Quality Control Manager at Paragon Laboratories. He received his PhD in chemistry from USC in 2009, and has co-authored 19 scientific articles relating to chemistry and molecular oncology in peerreviewed journal publications.
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Latest Article By Oliver Catlin:
‘The WADA Prohibited List: A Guide and Temptation in Sports Nutrition’Did you know historical examples have demonstrated that natural products, as well as pharmaceutical agents, may be considered for inclusion on the WADA Prohibited List that outlines banned substances in sport? With the lines between prohibited substances in sport and natural products, sports nutrition, and supplement products sometimes hazy, formulators, athletes, and drug-tested professionals like first responders need to be cautious about the ingredients used in these products.
The article is a deep dive into the historical development of clandestine doping agents within the sport nutrition realm. It also evaluates what common supplement ingredients may be interpreted as prohibited under the current WADA Prohibited List language and what substances are on the radar for the future.
The discussion reinforces the need for both formulators and drug-tested professionals to protect themselves from these real world concerns with third-party certification programs focused on banned substances that offer built-in security. Programs like our Certified Drug Free nutritional supplement certification can take the guesswork out of
the equation for brands and consumers alike and help them make responsible choices when it comes to supplements and related products.
Learn more in this in-depth piece, “The WADA Prohibited List: A Guide and Temptation in Sports Nutrition,” by BSCG President Oliver Catlin, published in June in Natural Products Insider.
Client Spotlight:
BSCG Certifies Five New Products from Established Client Nugevit
BSCG is pleased to have recently certified five new products from established client Nugevity in the BSCG Certified Drug Free program. These products include MCT-C8+, Fat Burner, Energy EFP With Cognizin, Keto Brew (Regen-Diet), and Complete Plant-Based Protein+BCAA. Also, AS-10, which has been certified regularly since April 2017, was certified once again.
Over the past decade, Nugevity’s scientists have worked with the NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to develop nutritional technologies and research their potential to enhance health. With products and systems flown aboard the Space Shuttle and International Space Missions, Nugevity has researched the human body at its extremes and applied those mission-critical insights to help improve consumers’ lives, health, and athletic performance.
Carlos Montesinos, Chief Scientist & CEO of Nugevity, says, “As the only banned substance certification program run by Dr. Catlin and his team – the father of drug testing in sports, and the person responsible for developing many of the anti-doping standards in use today – when it came time to select a testing program that would project an iron-clad sense of security to amateur and professional athletes alike, it was an easy decision for us to approach BSCG about their certification.”

Contact us:
1-800-920-6605 * info@bscg.org * www.bscg.org

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