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BSCG NEWSLETTER – April-19-2022

April 19, 2022
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Banned Substances Control Group

Is the Limitless Pill Real?

Many of us ask the question, “What will be the next doping agent to turn the world of sports upside down?” The answer may be hiding in plain sight in the form of noopept, a popular ingredient in nootropic supplements. Noopept is poised to become the next meldonium.

A comparison between the substance noopept and meldonium supports our theory. Both are OTC drugs developed and sold in Eastern Europe or Russia. Noopept was developed to enhance the performance of cosmonaunts and is patented by a Latvian pharmaceutical company. Noopept is also known as omberacetam, and as such it is similar to phenylpiracetam, which is already prohibited in sport.

Meanwhile, meldonium is technically a heart medication used to treat ischemia but in the realm of sport it is banned as a metabolic modulator. Meldonium does not appear to have been sold as a dietary supplement, while
noopept commonly is used in supplements. Meldonium rose to become the third most common drug found after it was banned with almost 1,300 positive drug tests over three years.

Noopept does not appear to be a controlled substance in the U.S. or other countries, or at least that is what some nootropic sites claim. That does not mean it would be legal to sell as a supplement. It would likely qualify as an unapproved drug according to the U.S. FDA, or other international equivalents as it is a synthetic substance used as a drug prior to being used as a supplement.

What Does Noopept Do?

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As mentioned, noopept is typically marketed as a nootropic, or in simple terms a brain stimulant. Nootropics are different than central nervous system stimulants but are suggested to have some psychostimulatory effects.

Will Noopept Be Banned?

As a relative to phenylpiracetam, noopept or omberacetam may already be interpreted as prohibited due to the
catchall clause in the WADA Prohibited List cover substances with ‘similar biological effect or similar chemical structure.’ It would also likely satisfy the conditions for a drug to be considered for addition to the WADA Prohibited List.


1. Potential to enhance or enhances sports performance
2. An actual or potential health risk to the athlete
3. Use violates the spirit of sport (outlined in the Code)

Noopept is hiding in plain sight and could be exposed soon as the next clandestine doping agent. Whether that holds true depends on if, or when, WADA interprets the substance to be prohibited. Now it is not targeted in drug testing. That could happen at any time if they see the situation as we do. Noopept is just one example of the gray area with dietary supplements that are available today and the hidden concerns they may present.

Protect Yourself And Your Brain

BSCG Certified Drug Free

Third-party certification programs, like the BSCG Certified Drug Free program, are available to protect athletes and other consumers from risks associated with supplement use and banned substances. Please make sure to look for certified lots in the BSCG database, or other third-party databases, to ensure protection is in place for the product or lot you are considering using.



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