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Rain International

RAIN INTERNATIONAL commits to quality control above and beyond dietary supplement industry standards by participating in the BSCG Certified Drug Free® supplement certification program.RAIN INTERNATIONAL lots below have been certified to be free of 496+ drugs. This includes WADA Prohibited Substances and prescription, over-the counter, and illicit drugs not banned in sport. The BSCG Certified Drug Free® program requires either every finished lot to be certified, or monthly certification. When it comes to drugs banned in sport, the BSCG Certified Drug Free® Testing Menu targets drugs on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. The WADA Prohibited List governs Olympic sport and is used by all national anti-doping organizations (NADOs) including ASADA, UKAD, and USADA. It serves as a model for sport federations, professional leagues, college, military, and vocational drug testing programs, which ban many of the compounds on the WADA Prohibited List. TheRAIN INTERNATIONAL lots below provide maximum security to general consumers as well as to athletes and professionals across the spectrum of WADA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, WNBA, PGA, LPGA, MLS, ATP, WTA, FIFA, FINA, AFL, NRL, NASCAR, UFC, CrossFit, NCAA, military, law enforcement, first responder, and other drug-testing programs.
Product Name Lot Number Sample Type Report Date
Soul 180173105EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul (Berry) 162141105US Finished Product 03/14/2017
Soul 192835105EU Finished Product 02/06/2020
Soul 192831105US Finished Product 02/06/2020
Soul 181451105US Finished Product 07/16/2018
Soul 181572105EU Finished Product 07/16/2018
Soul 180611105US Finished Product 04/20/2018
Soul 170061105US Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Soul 173501291EU Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Soul 173241105US Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Core 173541259US Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Core 173201259US Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Core 173471292EU Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Core 171941259US Certified Drug Free 04/09/2018
Soul 180332105US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 180021259US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 180051259US Finished Product 2018/03/29
Core 171181292EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 170802259US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 171503292EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 171631292EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 172351292EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core 172972259US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 172852105US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 172543105US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 172431105US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 172001105EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 171631105EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 171312105US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 171182105EU Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 170592105US Finished Product 03/29/2018
Soul 170601105U Finished Product 03/29/2018
Core (Greens) 162243259US Finished Product 04/05/2017
Core (Greens) 163052292EU Finished Product 04/05/2017
Core (Greens) 163061292EU Finished Product 04/05/2017
Soul (Berry) 162452105AS Finished Product 03/14/2017
Core (Greens) 163052292EU Finished Product 03/14/2017
Soul (Berry) 163061105US Finished Product 03/14/2017
Soul (Berry) 163481105US Finished Product 03/14/2017
Soul (Berry) 170311105US Finished Product 03/14/2017
Soul (Berry) 162112105US Finished Product 03/14/2017
Rain Form US (Chocolate) 6110427 Finished Product 08/17/2016
Rain Core US 153551259US Finished Product 08/17/2016
Rain Soul US 161122105US Finished Product 07/07/2016
Core (Greens) 162101292EU Finished Product 03/14/2017