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BSCG is proud to offer the BSCG Certified CBD™ as the first broad-spectrum international third-party certification programs for the CBD product industry. Our rigorous certification approach for CBD products aims to standardize quality specifications, verify the integrity of ingredients and finished products, and increase consumer confidence and awareness. The program includes hemp supplier verification, phytocannabinoids and contaminant testing, drug-testing protection including testing for WADA Prohibited Substances, and a compliance review that considers claims and the quality control process.

A note on THC – THC, the pyschoactive chemical in cannabis, is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to CBD products. Consumers want to know, can I get ‘high’ or can I test positive on a drug test? The answer with our certified products is no. We address the concerns by applying a daily dose limit on THC based on product suggested use that is designed to keep urine levels of THC well below any thresholds used in sport or workplace drug testing. At the levels we allow, no psychoactive effects are expected. It is important to note that while some product manufacturers remove THC because of this concern, others believe that THC in small amounts is a necessary component in small amounts in order to take advantage of the full effects of hemp extract.

The BSCG Certified CBD programs answer key questions about CBD products with science and application of a consistent ongoing testing regiment. Good Manufacturing Practices, quality management system, product claims and labels are audited and evaluated as part of the initial certification process.

The hemp and CBD products below have been certified according to our Hemp Certification program requirements. Batch certification results are provided for each item tested. Remember to verify that the batch you are using has been certified. Please e-mail us at with any concerns or questions.

BSCG Certified Hemp Clients:

BSCG Analytical Report - Certified Hemp - fourfive CBD - fourfive CBD - FFTF01 - May 7, 2019
BSCG Analytical Report - Certified CBD - fourfive - cbd muscle rub - FFCB005 - October 16, 2019
BSCG Certified CBD Batch Certification – fourfive – cbd joint gel – FFCBD006 – January 27, 2020
BSCG Certified CBD Batch Certification - fourfive CBD - pro cbd oil with Vitamin D3 (Peppermint Flavour) - FF15 - June 18, 2020.pdf BSCG Analytical Report - Honest Globe - Elixicure Original (Lavender) - A1901 - December 23, 2019 BSCG Analytical Report - Honest Globe - Elixicure Original (Winergreen) - 91904 - December 23, 2019
BSCG Certified CBD Batch Certification - Pure Sport Limited - Pure Sport CBD - 1000mg Muscle and Joint Balm - 097 - May 21, 2020 BSCG Certified CBD Batch Certification - Pure Sport Limited - Pure Sport CBD - 1500mg Capsules - 096 - May 21, 2020




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