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A majority of people may not understand the significance of supplement certification and yet millions take dietary supplements on a regular basis. Whether it’s protein powder, probiotics, pre-workout supplements, weight-loss supplements, muscle builders, nitric oxide, creatine, recovery products, amino acid supplements, or multivitamins, you are likely to be one of millions of people globally who take a dietary supplement of some sort.

But do you really know what is in your dietary supplements? Are there any hidden drugs included that could be harmful or cause a positive drug test? Do they contain the ingredients and amounts claimed on the label? Are heavy metals, pesticides, microbiological agents, or solvents present that could be harmful? Does the product comply with manufacturing requirements like Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? Dietary supplement certification enables consumers and athletes to answer these important questions.

Supplement certification is a process undertaken by a third-party to verify that an item meets certain standards of quality. Certification can cover a number of arenas including banned substance protection, label verification and quality control, GMP compliance, gluten free, halal, kosher, organic, non-GMO and more.  Sometimes the certification standards are developed internally by the third-party and other times groups certify to an existing external standard, or sometimes when external standards are vague, variable, or complex a hybrid certification approach is developed with the third-party defining what the standards do not.

BSCG is proud to represent the gold standard in dietary supplement certification. This is not just something we say but is a goal we aim to achieve in each certification program that we offer. We are pleased to offer three certification programs focused on banned substance protection, label verification and quality control, and GMP compliance. Our supplement certification programs can be applied to supplement products, ingredients and manufacturing facilities. For a more complete overview of how our certification programs work, check out the process and details on our programs and services pages.

If you are a company interested in supplement certification please contact us at to get started today! If you are a consumer or an athlete, we encourage you to explore our certified clients page for a comprehensive list of supplements, ingredients or facilities that have passed our rigorous certification program requirements. We are proud to work with more than 50 companies to certify more than 250 products available for purchase in more than 30 countries and six continents. You may click on the manufacturer logos, search our dropdown menus, or our databases to find products, ingredients and facilities that participate in our supplement certification programs.




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