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SCS Cycling Teams – BSCG Support for Clean Athletes

SCS Cycling Teams – BSCG Support for Clean Athletes

BSCG is pleased to help support clean athletes and clean cycling by partnering with Support Clean Sport (SCS) to sponsor and support several cycling teams. Our riders help demonstrate that proper training, proper nutrition, and devotion to the sport are the keys to success, not doping.

Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching Cycling Team

Support Clean Sport CyclingAs a cornerstone partner of the grassroots organization Support Clean Sport, BSCG is proud to share title sponsorship of the Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching Cycling Team. This team is made up of domestic elite cyclists centered in the American Southeast who have committed to being clean athletes and competing without using performance-enhancing drugs.

David Guttenplan, a cycling coach and former elite cyclist himself, founded the team in 2012. His goal was to bring athletes together to help defy boundaries and exceed expectations through discipline and hard work. In its third year, the team achieved more than 30 wins and 70 podiums proving that Real Athletes can lead the pack.

The 706 Project Cycling Team

In addition to being a title sponsor of the Support Clean Sport/SeaSucker/Guttenplan Coaching Team, BSCG and Support Clean Sport are supporting sponsors of the clean athletes on the 706 Project Cycling Team. The 706 Project identifies up-and-coming riders and helps develop them into elite-level cyclists.

The 706 Project team has done well in numerous competitive races at the regional level in the American Southeast as well as at the national level. They also participate in charity rides and do educational school visits and health and wellness talks in which they discuss the importance of clean competition.  

Says 706 Project cyclist Andy Scarano, “Since I started racing bicycles at the age of 12, racing as a clean cyclist was always the number one issue stressed to me from my father and my mentors and peers around me. As I get older, I see more and more the importance that honesty in sport and in my results transfers to every other aspect in my life. I love the fact that it has shaped me into a role model to help teach my younger teammates and other athletes of all sports the importance of competing clean and not being a cheat.”

Support Clean Sport is a public initiative of the nonprofit/NGO Anti-Doping Research (ADR) and is generously supported by BSCG. Support Clean Sport aims to help create an environment in which athletes, coaches, health and nutrition experts, drug-testing professionals and valued sponsors come together to celebrate and enable clean sport. For more information, visit Support Clean Sport at www.supportcleansport.com


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