Apr 13, 2020

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To our clients, colleagues and friends,

We reach out to you today in unprecedented times as we all struggle with the impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed our lives have been affected in ways we could have never imagined months ago. It is hard not to worry about something or someone on a daily basis. Yet the difficult realities we face also come with some positives. The collective pause we are subjected to has allowed us to take a step back and focus on what is really important and valuable in the world. Hopefully, a bit of a silver lining for us all.

At BSCG we are grateful for your trust and for the opportunity to provide third-party certification and testing to the nutrition industry that makes so many exciting products to support the health and well-being of athletes and consumers. We are proud to be a global leader thanks to all of our valued clients, the downstream consumers who rely on our work for protection and assurance, and all the groups that acknowledge our efforts.

BSCG is committed to serving your certification and testing needs even in this difficult environment. Fortunately, our lab partners continue to operate as essential services while taking significant steps to mitigate any risks of COVID-19 to employees and operations. We ask that you bear with us in the event of any unforeseen impacts on our services.

We are excited to continue to help premium quality brands stand out from the crowd and do our part to educate consumers about nutritional supplements. Today we are pleased to share our first newsletter with highlights of several exciting acknowledgments, a summary of our certification program options in the context of current events, and some recent content contributions to the nutrition media. If you don’t already, please follow @BSCGCertified on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to learn about these and other developments in real time.


UFC Recognizes BSCG

The UFC has officially included BSCG on its list of approved supplement third-party certification providers for its athletes in the UFC Prohibited List

For many years, BSCG has advocated for sporting groups to acknowledge the importance of third-party certification and testing programs like BSCG’s. Such programs can help athletes navigate the supplement marketplace and protect them as well as supplement manufacturers, distributors, and ingredient suppliers from the risks of products being contaminated with banned substances. We appreciate the efforts of Jeff Novitzky and his team at the UFC for doing their due diligence and recognizing BSCG as one of the world’s most trusted banned substance certification providers.

Third-Party Certification and Testing Protects Reputable Companies

In late January, a massive recall of dietary supplements was announced in the United States. More than 800 brands of supplements from contract manufacturer ABH Nature’s Products, ABH Pharma, and were recalled due to GMP compliance violations.

A lackluster approach to GMP compliance can lead to the demise of an entire brand. Brand owners and managers are responsible for ensuring compliance as much as manufacturers. BSCG advises supplement companies to take GMP compliance seriously and consider using a third-party provider like BSCG to audit manufacturing or holding facilities as well as internal brand owner compliance. The BSCG Certified GMP program is available to those that wish to represent compliance to clients or consumers.

In addition to BSCG Certified GMP, BSCG offers a full suite of certification programs. All programs include initial ingredient, label, and GMP compliance assessment. BSCG Certified Drug Free offers industry leading screening for banned substances in sport and other OTC, illicit, or prescription drugs. BSCG Certified Quality conducts testing for label contents and environmental contaminants. BSCG Certified CBD is an all-in-one certification program customized for the CBD product industry which includes testing for label contents, environmental contaminants, and banned substances with a daily ingestion limit on THC to protect against positive drug tests. Please contact us for more information at

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BSCG Receives Official Recognition in Japan Ahead of Tokyo Summer Olympics

BSCG has been qualified as an official service provider in Japan by SNDJ (Sports Nutrition and Dietitians Japan) . In the run-up to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games—now scheduled for 2021—BSCG Certified Drug Free products labeled for sale in Japan will be included in the official SNDJ list of products that have been reviewed for quality control and banned substances for the protection of Japanese athletes.

With the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics being postponed for a year due to the concerns over COVID-19, we feel for the entire Olympic family. The delay will likely cause a host of difficulties for the athletes and organizers and fans around the world who come together in harmony to enjoy the spectacle that only the Olympics can provide.

We are humbled and honored to have been designated as an official third-party supplement certification provider in Japan. We appreciate the efforts of SNDJ and its team of experts to evaluate our industry and provide resources to help ensure the safety, quality, and transparency of sports nutrition products. It is exciting to play a role in supporting the sports nutrition industry and athletes in Japan in advance of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Check out our growing list of certified brands in Japan; LifeVantage, Haleo, Bulk, True Standard, Bourbon Corporation, and Corso Life. Contact us today to add your brand to the list.

Content Contributions to Natural Product Insider on a

Variety of Topics

We have always worked hard at BSCG to share important information with our community through our website and blogs. We have been fortunate to have the opportunity to share our thoughts with the larger nutrition community through contributions to Natural Products Insider and the variety of specialized publications it manages. Check out the Natural Products Insider author page for a summary of our articles. Highlights include:

  • WADA Prohibited List Modifications and Impacts on Sports Nutrition
  • Third-party Certification Programs Deliver on Consumer Demand for Transparency
  • Common Natural Anabolics Used in Sports
  • Supplements May be Banned Substances
  • Supplements May be Banned Substances
  • CBD in Sport Drug Testing
  • Banned Substances in Sport are not Always Clearly Defined

As always, we welcome any comments, questions or feedback. Thank you again for your support of our work and for doing your part to help make supplements and related products safer for consumers, military officers, first responders, and competitive athletes.

Stay well out there and let us know if there is some way we can be of assistance to you during this period. Remember, we will make it through this together.

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Oliver Catlin, BSCG President

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