BSCG Announces Its Gold Standard Supplement Certification Program Offering Expanded Protection for Athletes, Consumers and Animals

Apr 30, 2018

A Message from the President

A decade ago, BSCG helped found a nascent industry focused on dietary supplement certification to provide assurance that products are free of banned substances in sport. Today BSCG is leading the industry forward once again with the gold standard BSCG Certified Drug Free® program.

The Gold Standard BSCG Certified Drug Free® Program

BSCG’s foundational supplement certification program was designed for the protection of elite athletes and professionals targeting drugs prohibited in sport. That remains a primary focus, but athletes are not the only supplement consumers facing risks of drug contamination nor are banned substances in sport the only culprits.

New Protections for Athletes, Consumers and Animals

We are happy to announce that BSCG has broadened its testing menu to address these concerns and focus on drugs relevant not only to athletes, but to general consumers and even animals. With the addition of our new drug-testing menu, BSCG is filling important unmet needs in the supplement industry to protect all those who consume supplements and related products. We are proud to be the first certification program to safeguard against drugs not banned in sport.

BSCG’s expanded testing menu includes more than 392 drugs, with 207 banned in sport and 185 prescription and over-the-counter drugs not banned in sport. The menu offers the broadest protection available in the supplement certification industry against substances prohibited by WADA, NFL, MLB, PGA, LPGA, NHL, MLS, NCAA, NASCAR and others.BSCG not only becomesthe first certification program to safeguard against drugs not banned in sport but we are doing so in a sizable way.

In addition, we’re happy to announce that BSCG now becomes the first company to provide an option for comprehensive screening of equine and canine supplements to protect horses and dogs. The company will now test such products for approximately 1,200 substances banned by the leading authority, the Federation Equine International (FEI).

When we realized that the FDA was finding a lot of drugs that were not banned in sport during their own testing, we moved to include those drugs and related substances in our menu. Animals, including those that race for sport, are also consuming supplements at increasing rates, so we wanted to provide protection in the animal arena as well. We are pleased to be the first dietary supplement certification provider to offer testing for this expanded scope of drugs.

Label Verification, Contamination Testing and GMP Audit

BSCG also includesa Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) audit and annual label verification and contaminant testing as part of our certification program. With the guidelines of the FDA’s 21 C.F.R. 111- G.M.P. during the past decade has come a renewed focus on ensuring that supplement products meet ingredient and finished product specifications for identity, purity, strength and composition and that they have been appropriately tested for potential contamination.

Supplement authorities and companies, sporting regulators and athletes, and indeed all consumers deserve assurance that supplements are not only drug free but that they meet label claim and contamination specifications and standards. BSCG recognizes the importance of these quality control elements and is pleased to include them as part of our supplement certification services.

Let’s Talk

We are proud to offer these expanded protections and services to new and potential clients. With them, manufacturers can establish their brands as safe, reputable and drug free and consumers and athletes can make informed supplement choices. Please feel free to call or e-mail me personally to discuss our BSCG Certified Drug Free® program, the dietary supplement industry’s complete quality control solution. I can be reached by phone at 1-800-920-6605 or by e-mail at .



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December 1, 2014

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