Horseco Protect Obtains Coveted BSCG Certification

Jul 17, 2017

horseco protect

As the first equine gastrointestinal supplement to obtain certification under the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program, recently launched Horseco Protect provides horsemen with the assurance that every product batch has been tested for prohibited substances.

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, JULY 17, 2017 – Horseco Inc. announced today that Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) has certified its recently launched equine gastrointestinal product, Horseco Protect, to verify it is free of potential contamination with FEI, ARCI and RMTC prohibited substances.

At a time when prohibited substances have been found in many commonly utilized supplements, and just one positive test can tarnish a trainer’s reputation and cost owners tens of thousands of dollars, it is important for horsemen to know the supplements they are using comply with drug-testing guidelines. BSCG’s unrivaled expertise, integrity and commitment to testing not just each product, but every finished batch, provides equine caretakers, and now the users of Horseco Protect, with the assurance that the products they are using do not contain prohibited substances.

Horseco Protect becomes the first gastrointestinal equine supplement to be certified by BSCG. Prior to certifying the product, BSCG reviewed the label for any known banned ingredients and considered whether the product could lead to a doping violation through its biological action. Each lot of Horseco Protect will be independently tested on an ongoing basis to verify that no banned substances contaminate the product during the manufacturing process. A Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality-control process review was also conducted.

“In today’s complex environment of drug testing, it is important for horsemen to feel comfortable that the products they are using comply with testing requirements across disciplines, organizations and regions,” said Tom Ludt, Horseco Chairman. “We’ve seen examples where products have contributed to positive drug tests as a result of cross-contamination. Under the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program, Horseco Protect is tested every time a new batch is manufactured. This program provides our customers with the comfort level that our products consistently meet the drug-testing standards laid out by the ARCI, FEI and RMTC.”

BSCG is a leading third-party supplement certification provider and regarded by many as the gold standard. The BSCG program was developed and is overseen by the highly respected long-time anti-doping science pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., who founded the United States’ first sports drug-testing laboratory, the UCLA Olympic Lab, and has more than 35 years of experience in sports drug testing. Dr. Catlin has also led scientific research efforts for the Equine Drug Research Institute (EDRI) and, among the many performance-enhancing drug tests he’s developed, adapted a test for the potent blood-boosting drug CERA for equines.

BSCG is the only supplement certification provider to offer protection customized for equine supplements with a testing menu targeting drugs on the Association of Racing Commissioners International, Inc. Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances. Horseco Protect becomes the first equine gastrointestinal product to be subjected to BSCG’s rigorous testing.

“After dealing with numerous positive drug tests related to supplement contamination, we simply had to find a solution,” said Dr. Catlin, Chief Science Officer of BSCG. “The BSCG Certified Drug Free® certification program for equine athletes protects trainers from inadvertently using banned substances and allows reputable manufacturers, like Horseco, to demonstrate a commitment to creating quality products.”

Look for the BSCG Certified Drug Free® for Equine Athletes seal soon on packages of Horseco Protect. All certified batches of Horseco Protect will be listed on the BSCG website at

About Horseco Inc. | Horseco Inc. is a provider of equine products and services sold through the company’s Health, iStable, Sales and Exchange divisions. With all products and services uniquely tied together via the Horseco Business Platform, clients are able to leverage both technology services and equine health products in a manner that saves money and streamlines stable management, while also contributing to the delivery of better equine care. Horseco Inc. maintains office locations in Arcadia, CA, Gold Coast, AUS, Lexington, KY, and Springboro, OH. Additional Information regarding Horseco and Horseco Protect may be found by visiting

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