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BSCG Founders & Leadership

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Expertise

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) expertise is vital to the dietary supplement certification industry.  BSCG is proud to have a leadership team that brings more than 60 years of combined experience in the world of anti-doping to the dietary supplement testing industry.  Key elements of our supplement certification approach rely on this expertise including: interpreting the World Anti Doping Agency Prohibited List to determine what supplement ingredients are acceptable for athletes, determining the optimal drug testing menu to apply to supplement certification, and developing the advanced analytical techniques necessary to detect small trace amounts of drugs in dietary supplements.

Informed Choice

Don H. Catlin, M.D. – BSCG Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder

Widely considered a father of drug testing in sport, Dr. Don H. Catlin has more than three decades of experience at the highest levels of sports doping control. He founded the first sports anti-doping lab in the United States, the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory, in 1982 and served as its director for 25 years, growing it into the world’s largest and one of the most respected World Anti Doping Agency sports drug-testing laboratories. Dr. Catlin was a long time member of the International Olympic Committee Medical Commission and was instrumental in helping to create the World Anti Doping Agency, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency as well as the creation of important analytical methods and approaches. Today, he serves as the Chief Science Officer of BSCG.

Informed Choice

Oliver Catlin – BSCG President and Co-Founder

Oliver Catlin, son of renowned world anti-doping agency guru Dr. Don Catlin, has been working in the arena of sports anti-doping science and dietary supplement certification and testing for more than a decade. As President and co-founder of BSCG, Oliver has led the way in developing its Certified Drug Free® brand, expanding its sports testing menu with a focus on the World Anti Doping Agency Prohibited List and reported findings, adding prescription and over-the-counter drugs not banned in sport to our testing menu, as well as expanding dietary supplement quality control testing services into the arena of label claim verification, contaminant testing, and GMP audits.

Informed Choice

Ryan Connolly – BSCG Counsel and Co-Founder

Ryan Connolly, an attorney who has long acted as a legal consultant, author and advisor in the dietary supplement and anti-doping industries, co-founded BSCG and serves as the company’s general counsel. He is the principal of the Law Offices of Ryan Connolly where his work includes anti-doping law, supplement issues, commercial litigation, contract drafting and negotiation, and business formation and structuring.


Supplement Products

Finished products are Certified Drug Free® with annual label claim & contaminant testing.

Raw Materials/Ingredients

Ingredients lots Certified Drug Free® with annual identity and contaminant testing.


GMP audit and testing products and ingredients for drugs, identity & contaminants.


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