NCAA Drug Testing Fact Sheet for Student Athletes

November 16, 2022


College athletes need to be careful when it comes to caffeine since it is on the NCAA Banned Substances list. While moderate amounts of caffeine can improve athletic performance, too much can actually hurt athletic performance. Overload on caffeine and you will be too anxious and jittery to play and can permanently impact your athletic career if you test positive. While many NCAA student athletes use caffeine daily and don’t test positive, it is possible. Here is what NCAA student athletes, parents, coaches and others need to know about caffeine, guarana, and NCAA drug testing.


  • Caffeine is not banned outright by the NCAA, rather it must be limited. To test positive for caffeine in the NCAA there must be more than 15 micrograms per milliliter (ug/ml, parts per million) found in a urine sample. [i]
  • FDA caffeine guidelines, “cited 400 milligrams a day—that’s about four or five cups of coffee—as an amount not generally associated with dangerous, negative effects.” [vi] This is also below the suggested NCAA risk level.
  • Guarana is on the NCAA Banned Substances list only as an example of caffeine; guarana is not completely banned. Consumption of guarana must be limited along with the more than 60 other plant sources of caffeine including coffee, tea, cocoa, yerba mate, kola nut, and guayusa. [vii] [viii]
  • NCAA drug testing does not check for any of the specific sources of caffeine like guarana, coffee, tea, or chocolate. The NCAA tests for caffeine itself in high amounts greater than 15 ug/ml in urine.
  • Energy drinks containing caffeine or guarana are impermissible for NCAA schools to provide to student athletes under NCAA Division I Bylaw Nutritional Supplements, but they can still be consumed in moderation. [ix] Excessive use of any product or food containing caffeine can put student athletes at risk of a positive drug test.

Popular energy drinks like Celsius, Monster, Rockstar and others that contain caffeine and guarana are not totally banned by the NCAA. Energy drink brands cannot have sponsorships with the NCAA or any schools but can be name, image, likeness (“NIL”) sponsors of individual athletes.

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