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BSCG Certified Hemp and Certified CBD

International hemp product certification verifies quality and provides drug testing assurance to athletes and consumers of CBD products

Hemp extract, which naturally contains phytocannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD), has become an increasingly popular ingredient in a variety of consumer products including dietary supplements, cosmetics, and more. As the category has grown, so have the questions over quality control and regulation. BSCG answer the important questions with BSCG Certified Hemp™ and BSCG Certified CBD™, the first broad-spectrum third-party hemp product certification programs available internationally.

Our hemp product certification increases consumer confidence and awareness by ensuring products meet specifications and will not put users at risk of psychoactive effects or positive drug tests from THC. As a complete quality control and compliance solution it offers brands an excellent risk management solution. The hemp product certification approach includes hemp supplier verification, phytocannabinoids and contaminant testing with a daily dose limit applied to THC, testing for WADA Prohibited Substances and other drug contaminants, and a review of claims and the quality control process. Our batch certification reports are available to the public providing full transparency.

The BSCG Certified Hemp™ and BSCG Certified CBD™ programs deliver a marketing solution to brands that wish to showcase the premium quality of their products and distinguish themselves as leaders in the hemp industry. They also offer unparalleled protection to consumers and athletes. BSCG Certified Hemp™ is designed for full spectrum hemp extract products while BSCG Certified CBD™ is designed for CBD isolate products.

Certified Hemp and CBD


BSCG Certified Hemp™ vs. BSCG Certified CBD™

The hemp product marketplace is generally  segmented into full spectrum hemp products and CBD isolate products. Full spectrum hemp products contain a variety of cannabinoids including CBD, THC can be removed through processing. CBD isolate products are made from hemp extract that has been processed to removed all cannabinoids other than CBD. BSCG Certified Hemp is for full spectrum products while BSCG Certified CBD is for CBD isolate products.

Notes on THC

THC is the chemical in cannabis that causes psychoactive effects and is a primary target in sport and workplace drug testing programs. Hemp is a form of cannabis that is bred to be very low in THC with high amounts of CBD. In most of the world for hemp to be legally grown it must test below 0.3% THC in both raw material and any finished product form. We consider the 0.3% THC threshold in our program but we also go beyond that in order to protect athletes or other consumers from the risk of a positive drug test.  We apply a daily dose limit on THC designed to ensure that levels in urine will be well below the THC thresholds used in sport or workplace drug testing. These levels are also well below the level that would lead to any psychoactive effects. You can rest assured that BSCG Certified Hemp™ and BSCG Certified CBD™ products should not lead to unwanted effects or positive drug tests if used as directed.

Hemp product certification increases athlete and consumer confidence

When it comes to hemp and CBD products, our hemp product certification provides answers to some of the most frequent and important questions from consumers, including athletes and others who are subject to sport or workplace drug testing.

Is there enough tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) present to cause unwanted psychoactive effects or a positive drug test from suggested use? What is the phytocannabinoid content in a serving, and how much CBD do I get? Does the product really come from legal hemp? Could my product contain any banned substances in sport, pharmaceutical drugs, or potentially dangerous synthetic cannabinoids? Are harmful levels of contaminants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, solvents or microbiological agents, present? Do products meet quality control guidelines for the hemp product industry and good manufacturing practices outlined for the dietary supplement industry?

The BSCG Certified Hemp™ program answers all these key questions with science and application of a consistent ongoing testing regiment. Phytocannabinoid profile testing and screening for banned substances in sport, pharmaceutical drugs, and synthetic cannabinoids are done on every batch. Contaminant testing for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, and microbiological agents is done on every fourth batch. Expanded testing for more than 300 synthetic cannabinoids is conducted randomly.

A complete quality control and compliance solution for brands

BSCG Certified Hemp™ and BSCG Certified CBD™ provide brands with a compliance strategy that not only ensures consistency in the final product, but also ensures that suppliers are qualified and a proper quality control process is in place. BSCG’s rigorous certification process, and the seals that represent it, showcase brands and their products as leaders within the hemp product industry.

Good manufacturing practices, quality management system, product claims and labels are audited and evaluated as part of the BSCG Certified Hemp™ initial certification process. This is conducted in consideration of both good manufacturing practices for dietary supplements and American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Recommendations for Regulators and Guidance Policy for the cannabis and hemp product industry. Our focus is in on supplier qualification, raw material quality control and testing, finished product quality control and testing, label compliance, and website claims review.


The first BSCG Certified Hemp™ and BSCG Certified CBD™products are now available with more in the pipeline!  Check out our list of certified hemp and CBD products here.

For more detailed information about hemp and CBD, read our blog “Demystifying hemp, CBD, cannabis and marijuana and considerations on regulations.”



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