Founded by professionals with years of experience in the field

of anti-doping analytical work, Banned Substances Control Group addresses the concern that dangerous banned substances can be found in dietary supplements, even when these substances are not listed as ingredients.

Under the scientific direction of renowned anti-doping expert Don Catlin, M.D., BSCG assists responsible dietary supplement manufacturers by certifying that a sample of their product was tested for a list of banned substances, and no banned substances were found in that sample above the detection limits. The details of the basic certification program can be found here.

BSCG uses cutting edge anti-doping methodology for all analyses. The detection limits used by BSCG are the lowest detection limits for any similar program worldwide.

Supplements certified by BSCG give their users greater confidence in knowing that a manufacturer is taking all precautions to ensure that harmful anabolic agents and stimulants are not contained in their product.

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