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BSCG Certified Drug Free® Database


BSCG Certified Drug Free® Database

BSCG is pleased to share our BSCG Certified Drug Free® database of supplements, ingredients or facilities that have passed our rigorous certification program requirements. We certify more than 150 products for more than 45 companies.
Our database lists the lot numbers for products or ingredients that have been certified. Lot numbers are unique numbers assigned by manufacturers to finished products or raw materials for tracking purposes. BSCG tests and tracks products by lot number, and our database here is updated regularly. Samples of the lot numbers listed below have been analyzed according to the specifics of the BSCG Certified Drug Free® certification program. If a lot number is not listed, it is most likely because that lot has not received certification from BSCG. For any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at info@bscg.org.

BSCG CERTIFIED DRUG FREE® Dietary Supplement Testing & Certification Services

Supplement Products

Finished products are Certified Drug Free® with annual label claim & contaminant testing.

Raw Materials/Ingredients

Ingredients lots Certified Drug Free® with annual identity and contaminant testing.


GMP audit and testing products and ingredients for drugs, identity & contaminants.


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