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Gold Standard Dietary Supplement Quality Control Testing

The BSCG Certified Quality™ program conducts dietary supplement quality control testing above and beyond industry standards and makes the information available for any reviewer to consider.  The BSCG Certified Quality™ certification program is available to finished product brands, ingredient suppliers, and manufacturing facilities that want to verify finished product label claims or ingredient identity and check for potentially toxic agents that may infiltrate a product.

The BSCG Certified Quality™ program tests finished products for nutritional markers to verify they meet the claims on the label.  When ingredients are certified they are verified for identity and potency according to industry standards.  Facility certification involves a spot check of randomly chosen products and raw materials to verify quality.  All certified items are tested for a full suite of environmental contaminants including heavy metals, microbiological agents, pesticides, and solvents.

In order to maintain compliance one batch of each participating finished product or ingredient must be tested annually. In order to carry the BSCG Certified Quality™ seal on the label either every batch, or one batch quarterly, is certified.

Participation in the BSCG Certified Quality™ program allows companies and end consumers to ensure that products or ingredients meet or exceed dietary supplement quality control testing requirements.  The available batch certification reports allow the specific details of the testing to be evaluated and the quality of the item to be represented transparently and publicly.

The companies below have dietary supplement products, ingredients, or manufacturing facilities that have passed BSCG Certified Quality™ program requirements. Contact information and batch certifications for each item tested are provided below each client logo (batch certification reports are available by clicking on the Batch Certification hyperlinks ).  Please e-mail us at info@bscg.org with any concerns or questions.

Please note these products have not been certified to be free of banned substances unless they also appear in our Certified Drug Free® database.


BSCG Certified Quality - Mat Rat Supplements

P.O. BOX 476
Danville, CA 94526
Phone: 925-768-5328
E-mail: miles@matratsupplements.com

BSCG Certified Quality – Batch Certification – Mat Rat Supplements – Mat Prep (Tropical Orange) – 3208-01-001 – 09.08.17

BSCG Certified Quality – Batch Certification – Mat Rat Supplements – Fight Right (Raspberry Lemonade) – PO2021701 – 09.08.17


Supplement Products

Finished products are Certified Drug Free® with annual label claim & contaminant testing.

Raw Materials/Ingredients

Ingredients lots Certified Drug Free® with annual identity and contaminant testing.


GMP audit and testing products and ingredients for drugs, identity & contaminants.


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