Bodyplus International of Japan Receives BSCG Certified Drug Free Certification For Its Haleo Supplements

September 14, 2017

BodyPlus-Announcement-2Dedicated to superior quality control and the protection of athletes and consumers, Japan’s BodyPlus International has joined the gold standard BSCG Certified Drug Free® dietary supplement certification program for banned substance protection and has achieved certification for its HALEO AlphaLean, Raptor, and Blue Dragon products.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, SEPT. 14, 2017 – BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group), a global leader in third-party dietary supplement certification, is pleased to announce that one of Japan’s preeminent sports nutrition companies, BodyPlus International, has recently joined its BSCG Certified Drug Free® program and received certification for HALEO Alpha-Lean, Raptor and Blue Dragon supplements, with certification of more HALEO and BulkSports line of products to follow.

“We are grateful for the continued growth of our program internationally, and we are pleased to welcome a dynamic Japanese supplement company to our client roster in BodyPlus International,” said BSCG President and co-founder Oliver Catlin. “BSCG is excited to work with BodyPlus International to certify the HALEO and BulkSports lines of products and in the process bring our Olympic standard of drug-testing protection to athletes and consumers throughout Japan.”

With an industry-leading testing menu, the BSCG Certified Drug Free® program tests for drugs banned in sport, offering security to athletes across the spectrum of professional, collegiate and Olympic sport around the world. BSCG is the only certification provider to include coverage against prescription, over-the-counter, and illicit drugs not banned in sport, which provides unique protection against these potentially harmful drug contaminants.

“We are proud to be associated with the highly regarded BSCG and to add the Certified Drug Free® program to our commitment to the highest standard of quality control,” said David Halton, President of BodyPlus International. “We are thrilled that our HALEO and BulkSports line of supplement products will be certified by the broadest program in the industry. After much research we have found BSCG to offer the greatest amount of protection for our drug-tested professional and elite athletes. Our aim is to provide greater assurance of quality and safety to athletes leading to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.”

In addition to its comprehensive drug-testing protection, BSCG’s protocol includes a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) quality-control process review, raw material ingredient and supplier review, and a general toxicology assessment. Testing is conducted in International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 17025 accredited laboratories. Ongoing batch testing is required with random testing of products conducted on occasion.

BodyPlus International is a distinguished sports-supplement company with Headquarters in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan. For over 15 years, elite athletes and competitors have relied on HALEO and BulkSports supplements for their nutritional needs.

BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) was founded in 2004 by renowned Olympic drug-testing pioneer Dr. Don Catlin and his son, executive Oliver Catlin, to address the unmet concern that banned substances in sport could be hidden in dietary supplements and to offer reputable manufacturers, suppliers and distributors a third-party certification program establishing that supplements are free of banned substance concerns.

Look for the BSCG Certified Drug Free® seal on BodyPlus International products in stores and online marketplaces. All certified batches of HALEO will be listed in the BSCG Certified Drug Free® database.

For more about BSCG and its certification programs, call 1-800-920-6605 or e-mail info@bscg.org, visit the BSCG website at www.bscg.org and download its free brochure. Join Banned Substances Control Group on Facebook, @BSCGCertified on Twitter, and BSCGCertified on Instagram.




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